About Us

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Name of Institution: SOZO COMPANY LTD.

Company Origin: Sozo Company ltd originates from Rwanda and it is for Rwandese

Company email: sozocompanyltd@gmail.com

Name of contact person: Mukeshimana Francoise, Chief Executive Officer

Telephone contact: +250788656623 / +250 788433242;

Email: mukefranco@yahoo.com

Highest level of education

Bachelor of Sciences in Agriculture, (Crop Production) from the University of Rwanda, Faculty of Agriculture. She is experienced in farmers' training on crop production, crops post-harvest, and storage.

Company’s Office/Headquarters location

: Mulindi Trading Center, Kanombe – Rwamagana Road, Gasabo District, about 20 km from Kigali City Center.


Sozo Company was registered in September 2015 by Rwanda Development Board. It is registered in RAB as a seed producer and a memorandum of agreement with RAB as a local seed company that breeds the RAB hybrid maize varieties.


A leader in supplying the best quality and quantity agricultural inputs and Agriculture products in Rwanda targeting the East and Central Africa and Worldwide.


The Company has some parts but complementary mission:  Production and supply of quantity and quality improved seeds (maize, soybeans, and vegetables),  Importation (repacking) and supply of quality agrochemicals,  Importation (repacking) of the best inorganic and pure organic fertilizers, and  To help farmers in a behavior change from traditional agriculture mindset to modern agriculture through education.  Exportation of agriculture products mainly Horticulture products.

Our achievements

Sozo Company has an agro dealer-shop that sells vegetable seed, pesticides, fungicide, and fertilizers.

Sozo has got a store that has a storing capacity of 100 t.

Sozo has a demo-plots for vegetables seed at Mulindi –Kigali –Rwanda agriculture showground and across the country

Sozo Company has a partnership with the foreign agricultural Companies, such as:
-AS AN, the Slovenian Company, producer of 100% organic product, the crops strengthener liquid called Mineral TM
-The Starke Ayres Company: the most senior and best South African vegetable seed Company.

Sozo company is involved in seed production especially hybrid maize seed as a local seed company.